Duaa Rasho: My Escape

Duaa Rasho

My Escape

an eyewitness is better than hearsays

I do not know if there is an experience, that is more difficult for women to emigrate from their countries under the circumstances of war, murder and rape.

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Über die Autorin

Duaa Rasho was born in Damascus in 1990. Her parents have kurdish roots. She attended elementary, middle and high school in Damascus. She has been working in sporadic and simple work since she was 12 years old. She has four sisters and two brothers. At the age of 18, she obtained a high school diploma, but this was not enough to enter the university and she had to enter a private university. She stopped studying for three years in order to work, so she could pay the annual tuition fees of the university. At the age of 21 she started studying English literature for a year, but soon the war broke out in Syria and she had to abandon university. In the meantime, she started working in civil society organizations and began teaching students the english language on a voluntary basis. She worked in teaching children for five years. In 2015, the place that she used to work in teaching had been destroyed by Mortar shells. After that, the decision to resort to Europe was taken. She also worked on the women rights in Syria and Austria. She has many articles on this subject which have been published in arabic women`s rights groups on social networking pages. She is now working to show the hidden facts behind the curtains on violence against women and oppression.

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